Top 5 Foreign Languages in India 2021

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Learning a foreign language or a second language will provide new opportunities in your career. Do you know more than 75% of the world population speaks more than one language? Studies have shown individuals who speak more than two languages are better economically, socially, and emotionally than the other individuals.

Learning Foreign languages opens doors for students to study further abroad. Every language has different perspectives on learning, but few of them have more job aspects. Read about the Top 5 Foreign Languages in India with the Benefits and their job prospects.

Best 5 International Languages in India


French Language

In the world, more than 220 million individuals communicate in French. Learning French opens many opportunities for the students to study abroad and French Universities. It is the most sixth popular language spoken worldwide. It is also considered as an International language for cooking, fashion, arts, and dance. An individual with good knowledge of the French language can opt for further study in French government postgraduate courses. It offers ample opportunities in the hotel industry, cinema, and arts all around the world to communicate in different fields.


  • A1 + A2 Level = Beginner
  • B1 + B2 Level = Intermediate
  • C1 + C2 Level = Advanced


German Language

German is the official language of the countries including European parts in Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, and more. It is the popular language widely spoken among the Central European population.  German is the third most spoken language in the world. You will be placed in companies in different aspects of reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Our German language classes are adaptable and interactive which offers a mollified learning environment to any learner who has chosen to learn German.


  • A1 + A2 Level = Beginner
  • B1 + B2 Level = Intermediate
  • C1 + C2 Level = Advanced


Spanish Language

Spanish is the most widely spoken used language after Mandarin. It is the most popular second language in the USA and the second most famous language in Europe after English. It is the official language in 21 nations around the globe including Spain. Spanish is turning out to be increasingly more demand for business. Learning Spanish will help you to discuss better with Spanish partners at work and will open up more opportunities for business and openings for work.


  • A1 + A2 Level = Beginner
  • B1 + B2 Level = Intermediate
  • C1 + C2 Level = Advanced


Japanese Language

Japanese is the ninth most popular language spoken about 130 million people across the globe. An individual with good knowledge of the Japanese language can opt for further study in Japanese government postgraduate courses. The Japanese mainly consist of three sets including Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana. It is written in two styles such as Japanese Style and Western Style. Japanese Language course prepares students for business opportunities from the beginners to the advance level. These courses well designed in Japanese courses for speaking, writing, and listening. Japanese course set up from N5 to N1 levels to prepare students for the JLPT exam. It offers ample opportunities in the hotel industry, cinema, and arts all around the world to communicate in different fields.


  • N5 Level = Basic
  • N4 Level = Intermediate
  • N3 Level = Pre-Advance
  • N2 Level = Advance
  • N1 Level = Super Advance


Russian Flag

More than 260 million people communicate in Russian. It has some similarities with other languages like Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Czech. It is the world’s 8th most spoken language and sixth official language of the UNO(United Nation Organization). It belongs to the Slavic group of languages that are further divided into Western Slavic, South Slavic, and East Slavic.


  • A1 + A2 Level = Beginner
  • B1 + B2 Level = Intermediate
  • C1 + C2 Level = Advanced

Benefits of Foreign Languages

Benefits of Foreign Languages

  • Sharpen Memory Power

Generally, our memory functions better when it works continuously. Learning new languages improves your vocabulary and phrases in daily life. Foreign Language exercises your brain memory to remember words, directions, names, phrases, and facts.

  • Meet New Connections

Another benefit comes with a foreign language to meet new connections. Meeting people from different communities and making connections with them. You can exchange your ideas in their mother tongue easily. When you learn about Foreign Languages, you also become a part of that culture. Knowing a bilingual language has more opportunities to connect with individuals. You will form new friendships and business deals. This will make your career better.

  • Creativity

Learning New languages improves the creativity of the student. You not only learn the vocabulary or phrases of the language but know about the culture & tradition of the language. Individuals can participate in media functions including music, movies, books, and more.

  • Enhance your Confidence

Learning a new language is out of everyone’s comfort zone. While studying, foreign languages build up the confidence to speak up in front of others.  Self – Confidence increase you learn a new skill. Communicating with other people in their native language, enhance your self – confidence. Generally, when you interact with each other, it shows up your confidence.

  • Networking

While learning new languages build’s an individual network.  Individuals interact with each other coming from different backgrounds. Students share their ideas and knowledge to sharpen their skills.

  • Opportunities

After learning foreign languages, not only opens opportunities for studying abroad but also for traveling. Students can go for their higher studies in abroad universities. Knowing the foreign languages will provide a high paying salary job to you. You can be able to deal with business deals with foreigners. Get the chance to be a tour traveler and explore the places.

  • Cultural Understanding

About 4 billion people living on the planet. Regular communication with each other keeps connected to us. But, learning a second language makes your brain more powerful. Not only, make you familiar with the languages but with the cultural background also. Get to understand about different aspects, traditions, and festivals.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunity

Languages are the main medium for communication with others to exchange ideas and knowledge. Learning Foreign languages opens wide aspects to interact with people in their native language. Living in a competitive world, having bilingual languages benefits with high paying salary jobs. Mostly every country embassy is interlinked with India. Learning Foreign Languages offers to work with big MNCs and get high wages.

  • Interpreter & Translator

Learn foreign languages, you can also work as a translator and interpreter. Even get the opportunity to work as a freelance language translator and interpreter. The demand for translators & interpreter increasing for business firms. Eventually, the main difference between translator and Interpreter as “Interpreter” translates the lingo verbally to the audience and “Translator” translates in the written form.

  • Tour Guide

Do you love to do traveling to new places? This is the best career opportunity for you. A tour guide provides information regarding the places in different languages. In India, 60% of foreigners visit India every year. Tour guide help to provide the information background and culture.

  • Teacher

If you learn  Foreign Languages, you can become a lingo(language), teacher. You have options to opt for a teaching career as a school teacher, tutor, and online tutor. An individual only needs a language degree to teach the students. Teachers get hired to help out students to learn, speak, and write in foreign languages.

  • Jobs in MNCs

Many international business firms linked to India. India has many openings for speaking skills, communication, and services. While Multilingual BPO center services have a job vacancy in sectors including telecom, medical, insurance, and banking. Presently, demand for experts in Foreign Language in Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and more cities. They offer a good package for experienced employees from 3.5 to 6 lakhs per Anum.

  • Content Writer

Do you want to add up a new skill in your academics? Learn a new lingo that will enhance your skills. A content writer writes the phrases, style, paragraphs in different languages. Top MNCs companies demand foreign language content writers.