A career in Travel & Tourism is a leading course for employees meeting hundreds of people across the globe. This course designed to handle airport jobs with computerized reservations and ticket insurance. Get to understand about Planning & Tour Costing Packages. The course will provide both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Diploma in Tourism & Aviation

The information and skills to work in the travel industry and become a powerful travel specialist. Give details about the flight, settlement, and visit items, and how to assure clients satisfy fundamental travel necessities. Improve your client support and deals aptitudes so as to all the more likely to travel clients about when and where to travel dependent on their requirements. Figure out how to use a worldwide distribution framework to make and oversee reservations.

Course Details

  1. Hospitality
  2. Airport Rules and Regulation
  3. Airline code and Decode
  4. Currency Code
  5. IATA World Geography
  6. Travel Trade / Airline and History
  7. GDS (Amadeus or Galileo)
  8. Customer Service
  9. Personality Development Classes
  10. Visa & Passport Type Services
  1. Communication Improving Tactics & Practice
  2. Practical Exercises for English Improvement
  3. Airport Management
  4. Ground Handling Work at International & Domestic Airport
  5. Preparation to Get the job of Flight Crew/Air Hostess/Flight Steward
  6. Job Responsibilities of Fight Crew
  7. Work of Flight Crew at the time of Emergency Airplane Crash, Hijack
  8. Virtual Visits of Airport & Flights from Inside 
  9. Learning  job of Airport Representative 
  1. VIP Handling / Escorting
  2. Hotel Reservation – Domestic and International
  3. 100% Paid Internship & 100% Job Placement
  4. Interview Practice & Mock Interviews 
  5. Aviation Information
  6. Ticketing Termology
  7. Destination Knowledge ( Domestic/International)
  8. Exercises to develop personality and to build confidence
  1. Understanding Operations Work at Departures & Arrivals of the airport
  2. World Geography Practical Learning
  3. World Geography Practical Exercises
  4. Types of Hotels
  5. Types of Hotels Rooms
  6. Hotels Cancellations
  7. Real Hotel Visits for Practical Exposure
  8. Training of Hotels Reservations
  9. Job Responsibilities of Hotel’s Front Office Executive
  10. Free of Cost Outdoor Trainings
  11. Tour Guiding Work Practically