French Language Course


In the world, more than 220 million individuals communicate in French. Learning the French language opens many opportunities for the students to study abroad and at French Universities. It is the most sixth popular language spoken worldwide. This language is also considered an International language for cooking, fashion, arts, and dance. An individual with good knowledge of the French language can opt for further study in French government postgraduate courses. The French language offers ample opportunities in the hotel industry, cinema, and arts all around the world to communicate in different fields.

You will be placed by our company in different aspects of reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Our French language classes are adaptable and interactive which offers a mollified learning environment to any learner who has chosen to learn the French language. 

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Course Details

Beginners Level


In this course, students will get an introduction to the basic French language with alphabet and grammar.  Students will become familiar with the Beginner level in the French language with the use of phrases and action words.  Students will study the basic questions about home, family, surroundings, and more.


Study about the regular phrases and fundamental expressions focused on the fulfillment of requirements. Become able to present yourself as well as other people and can ask and answer inquiries about close-to-home subtleties, for example, where individuals live, individuals he/she knows, and things he/she has. Know how to communicate in a basic manner gave the other individual talks gradually.  In this second level, you will be learning about translation and interpretation.  After completion of Level, A2 course prepares to clear DELF A2 Exam.

Intermediate Level


In this B1 Level, you will learn the French language in the use of grammar verbs and tenses to communicate with others. Get to understand how to describe your experiences, desires, events, and opinions in the French language. Students will be well–prepared to clear for the DELF B1 exam after the completion of this level.


This is the upper-intermediate level of the French language. We train in providing linguistic skills at this level. You will have the option to peruse and appreciate completely the composed manuals and directions and more on. You will be ready to effectively showed up for the DELF B2 test after the completion of this level. At this level, you will be prepared for a professional degree of training. These classes will be based on the communication approach. The French language course widely covers up the propelled level Grammar, multimedia, strategies, complete interpretation, and understanding methods. This course will help students to work in top MNCs. The course is designed to do your further higher education with job opportunities.

Advanced Level


This level will enhance your capability levels of the French Language. At this level, our experts will train your level into mastery. Understand the wide scope of requesting, longer messages, and perceive certain significance. Prepare students for social, scholastic, and expert purposes. Get to know a wide scope of longer statements, and perceive certain importance. Build up to create clear, very much organized, point by point text on complex subjects, demonstrating controlled utilization of hierarchical examples, connectors, and strong gadgets. You will be able to complete the DELF C1 test after finishing this level.


Students will be prepared for everything heard or read by an expert in the French language.  You will be taught from various spoken and composed sources, recreating contentions, and records introduction.

Career Aspects

  • ETranslator & Interpreter
  • A translator is someone who works between at least two written languages, working with documents such as textbooks, instruction manuals, and newspaper articles. Translation is a profession that appeals to French speakers because of the flexibility it offers.
  • EFlight Attendant
  • Flight attendants that speak several languages are indispensable, especially on long-haul international flights. English is a very in-demand language, and French is yet another one. By being bilingual in this pair of languages, you’ll have a huge advantage starting in this career.
  • ETour Guide
  • Multilingual tour guides are an absolute must in places like museums and monuments. If you like chatting people up and enjoy learning about different cultures, becoming a tour guide for the francophone tourists in town may be a position to look into.
  • EFrench Teacher
  • A surefire way to use your French (and extol the virtues of the conditional) is to become a French teacher in your country of residence. Although teaching credentials or an education degree are not always required for these positions, they may give your a competitive edge if you have them.