German language is the official language of the countries including European parts in Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, and more. It is the popular language widely spoken among the Central European population.  You will be placed in companies in different aspects of reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Our German language classes are adaptable and interactive which offers a mollified learning environment to any learner who has chosen to learn the German language course.

German Language Course

Learning a German Language Course is a great option because approx. 130 Million people all around the world speak German Language. Our academy provide two types of German Language Course, one is a short-term Course and another one is a long-term course. we are the only Academy that provides short-term German language course in Delhi.

Course Details


This level is designed to learn the basic aspects of grammar, vocabulary, & pronunciation. Understand the different aspects of the German language in speaking, reading, & writing. These sessions will help to form and communicate in German sentences. This course will prepare students for Grammar, conversations, emails, and interact withyour personal experiences. 

This is the Intense Level of theGerman Course. You will learn how to frame sentences with correct grammar.Students will be prepared for the A2 Level with advanced vocabulary,comprehension, and using interpersonal communication skills. Aftercompletion of this course can communicate in the German language over a telephonic conversation. You will be able to schedule a meeting, seminars, task list of members. You will easily understand & interpret German conversations.


In this course understand the proper use of different accents and pronunciations. Will be prepared to handle all the day to day conversations. This course will teach all the grammar skills from basic to advance. Understand the proper accent and pronunciation of the German Language. Be prepared to organize professional meetings and everyday life routine.

This level is designed to understand differenttexts, audio, and visual contexts. In this course, our experts will trainyour listening, reading, understanding, and translating. Participate in groupdiscussions in different sectors including Medicine, Engineering, Automobile, and more. This course will sharpen your German Language skills to the Advancelevel. Will be prepared to attend meetings, seminars, and conferences. 


This level will enhance your capability levels of the German Language. At this level, our experts will train your level into mastery. Understand the wide scope of requesting, longer messages, and perceive certain significance. Prepare students for social, scholastic, and expert purposes. Get to know a wide scope of longer statements, and perceive certain importance. Build up to create clear, very much organized, point by point text on complex subjects, demonstrating controlled utilization of hierarchical examples, connectors, and strong gadgets. You will be able to complete the DELF C1 test after the finishing of this level.

Students will be prepared for everything heard or read an expert in the German language.  You will be taught from various spoken and composed sources, recreating contentions, and records introduction.


In this course, students will Learn about these Modules.

  • Basic Communication Knowledge
  • Alphabets
  • Pronunciation
  • Phrases
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  1. Jobs in MNC, BPO, KPO, IT, and Call Centres
  2. Foreign Embassies
  3. Translator 
  4. Interpreter
  5. Travel, Tourism, and Leisure
  6. Hospitality Industry
  7. Teacher
  8. Lecturer
  9. Corporate trainer
  10. Import & Export Business & many more