Tour operations course deals in different aspects with the effective functioning in the tour operations. This course is designed for different aspects in the field of tour& operations. This course is a basic beginner level certification in the tour operations. It mainly focuses on the Itinerary Planning knowledge with the fundamental principles and concept of operations. We will provide practical knowledge setting the diploma course with theoretical understanding.

Tour Operations & Itinerary Planning
  1. Analyze the on going patterns and improvements in the tour activities area with a study of the kind of holidays taken and the developing well-known destination.
  2. Set up a schedule for a natural life and seashore occasion with different stages (various destinations and attractions, suitable timescale, and the parts of the package with contracts).
  3. Take out the expense of the items of the package and decide the selling cost of it.
  4. Structure and plan of a brochure and evaluate the reasonableness of elective techniques (non-conventional) of correspondence and advancement.
  5. Assess and know about the non-customary strategies for distribution that can be used to sell the packages.

Course Details

  1. Travel Expert/Consultant
  2. Tourism Entrepreneurship
  3. Tour Expert
  4. Travel/Holiday Planner
  5. Tour Operators
  6. Inbound tours/Outbound tours
  7. Visa/Passport felicitation