This course is intended to improve the abilities and information in the tour & travel industry making them work prepared for section level employments at the air terminals, travel organization, front work areas, and other occupations. Become an expert with International Fare Calculation. Expert with Planning and Costing Tour Packages Expert with Computerized Reservation and Ticket Issuance. Competent to deal with movement organization/visit administrator profiles. Will have the option to deal with all kind of customers providing facilities.

Travel and Tourism Certificate Course

Course Details

  1. Hospitality
  2. Airport Rules and Regulation
  3. Airline code and Decode
  4. Currency Code
  5. IATA World Geography
  6. Travel Trade / Airline and History
  7. GDS (Amadeus or Galileo)
  8. Itinerary Pricing – Price Options
  9. Issuing Tickets – Advance Seats Assignments PROCESS ONLY
  10. Queues
  1. Customer Service
  2. PD Classes
  3. Visa & Passport Type Services
  4. VIP Handling / Escorting
  5. Hotel Reservation – Domestic and International
  6. Paid Internship & 100%  Percent Job Placement
  7. Reference Information – Hotel List Displays
  8. Hotel Availability and Rates
  9. Selling Hotel Segments – Modifying Hotel Segments
  10. Practical Practice & implementation